The WBGO Community Advisory Board (CAB) Schedule

The next WBGO CAB meeting will be announced when available.

What is the WBGO Community Advisory Board?

The WBGO Community Advisory Board (CAB) is comprised of current WBGO Members who wish to provide input into programming decisions for WBGO Radio, and The CAB reviews: (1) the policies, programming goals and services provided by WBGO in the New Jersey and New York metropolitan area and surrounding environs, (2) the impact on the community of the significant policy decisions made by the station; and (3) to advise the Board of Trustees of the effectiveness of WBGO in meeting the specialized educational, informational and cultural needs of the communities served by the station; to be the voice of the communities served by WBGO; and, to provide a forum for the communities served by WBGO to communicate with the Board of Trustees, the President and WBGO Staff.

Join the CAB
The WBGO Community Advisory Board is accepting applications for 2017. To apply for membership, send a letter of interest to the Newark Public Radio Community Advisory Board c/o Rich Noorigian, Newark Public Radio, 54 Park Place, Newark, NJ 07102, or complete the application form here.

How can I share my feedback if I don't have time to attend a meeting?

Sometimes you'd like to share feedback but don't have time to make it to a CAB meeting. We're more than happy to take input online. Just fill out the web form and we'll make sure your message gets to the right place.

WBGO Policy on public comment at CAB Meetings

WBGO’s Community Advisory Board welcomes relevant constructive comment from the public at its meetings. The CAB encourages input from all individuals and groups across the station's listening and viewing area. So that the process will be efficient and productive, the following protocol is established:

  1. A "Public Comment" line will be included in the agenda for all regular Community Advisory Board meetings. The comment period will be at the start of the meeting after the adoption of the meeting's agenda and prior to the start of old and new Business.
  2. The total time for public comments will be limited to twenty (20) minutes, with each person limited up to five (5) minutes. Priority recognition will be given to those persons who have not previously addressed the CAB.
  3. Comments made at CAB meetings, or written inquiries sent to the CAB, must be relevant to the CAB's functions and responsibilities, i.e., programming and/or community involvement.
  4. Public comments, and any matter submitted, where a response is requested from the CAB must be in writing (e-mail is acceptable) and submitted to the CAB Chairman. All written responses will be processed in a timely manner and will be responded to within a reasonable time, to allow time for review by the station's Board of Trustees and management.
  5. Special CAB meetings, such as public forums, may be held for the sole purpose of gathering public input. For such meetings, this policy can be suspended by CAB directive.
  6. This policy is subject to cancellation or modification, at any time, in the discretion of the CAB.

This policy will be published on WBGO’s web site, will be available at WBGO's front desk, and will be handed out to the public at CAB meetings. WBGO's management and staff are also available to hear and respond to public comments. Submit a comment to WBGO directly here.

Current members of the WBGO Community Advisory Board

Andrea Cunnell
   Director of External Relations for Rutgers Business School

Virginia De Berry
   Co-founder of the New Brunswick Jazz Project, and author

Gregory S. Holder
   Secretary of the Community Advisory Board

Martin Mueller
   President of the Community Advisory Board
   Dean of the School of Jazz at The New School's College of Performing Arts

Victor Nichols
   Publisher/CEO DMC Publishing, LLC

Richard Noorigian
   President, The River Road Improvement Corporation

Patrick Rains
   Artist manager; owner/operator of an independent record label & off-Broadway producer

Susan K. Schear
   President & Founder, Artisin LLC, which offers a program designed to help artists and arts-related entities to develop the business side of their creative practices

Ex Officio:

Amy Niles
   WBGO President & CEO

Albert V. De Leon
   WBGO Board of Trustee

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Community Advisory Board - 06/28/2016