Mission Statement

Crowd sitting in park enjoying concert

WBGO is a publicly-supported, cultural institution that champions jazz and presents news to a worldwide audience through radio, other technologies and events.

Organizational values that guide WBGO in accomplishing its mission are:

  • A belief in the vibrancy and continuance of jazz as a cultural art form
  • Educational outreach is an important part of the station's programming
  • A diverse, open workplace that supports the development and enhancement of the staff's talents and skills
  • Listeners, members and the general public deserve to be treated with respect, quality service and information

Public Radio – A Non-Profit Arts Organization

WBGO is operated as a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization in the public trust. As such it has a Board of Trustees, a mission, and is funded, in the main, by listener donations or memberships, as well as a combination of corporate, business, foundation, and governmental grants.

Within public radio, WBGO is regarded as a leader because of its ground-breaking work in community and volunteer involvement, special events, and the presentation of jazz (including collaboration with local artists).

Newark Public Radio is one of 12 New Jersey cultural organizations that has been designated a "Major Impact" arts organization by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. The station has been awarded this distinction for each of the past nineteen years.

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