Seton Hall Degree Program Wants Working Professionals

By Ang Santos, WBGO News
January 12, 2017

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Seton Hall School of Law in Newark

Ever dream of securing that law degree but didn’t have the time to pursue it?  Seton Hall is launching a program to make entry level law degrees more accessible to working professionals. 

Kathleen Boozang, Dean of Seton Hall University School of Law says they’re launching a weekend program at the Newark campus to work around people’s family and work schedules.

“Two-thirds live, one-third online, so each semester the students attend in person classes eight weekends a semester, every other weekend.  Then in the off week they work in small groups with the professor online.”

Academic qualifications to enter the program are the same as other Seton Hall students, but Boozang says there are some exceptions.

“We’ll balance an academic record with their work experience and people need to sit for the LSAT which happens in February and June.”

The school is currently accepting applications.  The program launches for the fall 2017 semester.

“Unlike some parts of the country, in this part of the country, New York and New Jersey, our graduates are passing the bar exam with flying colors.  So I recommend, if anybody has ever dreamed about law school, this is exactly the right time to apply.”


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