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Bobby Hutcherson: Enjoy The View

Bobby Hutcherson's album Enjoy The View

Nearly fifty years after Bobby Hutcherson recorded his first date as a leader for Blue Note Records, the mallet master returns to the label for Enjoy The View.

This time, he hosts an impromptu session of good vibes.  The result is a gathering of friends old and new that has been aptly described by one of them, organist Joey DeFrancesco, as “a stone groove.”

DeFrancesco and Hutcherson pick up where they left off on their 2012 live collaboration  Somewhere in the Night. They invite drummer Billy Hart and saxophonist David Sanborn to further enliven the proceedings.  

So that’s the scenario - four excellent musicians in a room with instruments.  This was never supposed to be a band. 

There was no tour to tune up and develop their rapport.  No week of rehearsals leading up to a recording that had been planned into obsolescence - that’s far too clinical for these guys.

It was just this idea: get in the room and play.  The rest will come.

Were it solely a nod to Hutcherson’s Blue Note past, Enjoy the View would have worked, but even the touch points of that remarkable stretch of recordings get new hairdos here.  

We hear the lovely “Montara,” first recorded on the 1975 album of the same name.  Hutch and company also recast “Hey Harold,” his composition for saxophonist Harold Land, a longtime collaborator. 

You can find that original on Hutcherson’s Head On from 1971.  Here, you get to hear it newly organized and with some delightful studio post production – chiefly, DeFrancesco on trumpet overdubs.

There’s a lot of creative spirit  soaring through Enjoy The View, and we also get to hear a good dose of respect, and the good will that runs like a river through this recording. 

From the opening track, David Sanborn’s “Delia,” one word reappears on the background.  “Yeah.”  That’s all you want from this kind of collaboration – an acknowledgment among the music's makers that there’s a good thing going, and that someone is recording it.

Enjoy the sound.

   - Josh Jackson, WBGO vice president of content

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