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Chick Corea: The Vigil

chick corea's the vigil cover art

The vibrancy in jazz deflects the difficulties in life. The creation of music sometimes does more.

Chick Corea says of The Vigil, his new release coming out August 6th from Concord Jazz, "The idea of life outside of Earth has always inspired me to envision a new and better existence, one where the creative imagination is considered the most valuable possession."

Corea's riches of reinvention are in full evidence here. Joined by triple threat (saxophone/clarinet/flute) Tim Garland, Charles Altura on guitar, Hadrien Feraud on bass, drummer Marcus Gilmore and Pernell Saturnino on percussion, Chick's vision has a destination from the opening track.

"Galaxy 32 Star 4" could remind some of Corea's group Return to Forever, with piano and Moog fueling Altura's electric guitar alongside the rhythms of Gilmore and Saturnino.

"Royalty" is Corea's moving tribute to drum master Roy Haynes, who Chick first met and played with in the Stan Getz Quartet in the late 60s. There is a musical thread here, as Roy's grandson Marcus is the drummer on this recording.

Fans of Return to Forever's 1977 album MusicMagic will enjoy "Outside of Space," which features vocals by Chick's wife, Gayle Moran Corea.

"Pledge For Peace," a prayer inspired by John Coltrane, spotlights Coltrane's son, Ravi, on tenor saxophone as well as old friend Stanley Clarke on bass; Clarke was a longtime member of Return to Forever with Chick.

Chick Corea says, "I get the greatest pleasure seeing people enjoy life, smiling at the end of a  performance. This makes being a musician a joy and what inspires me to maintain the vigil."

  - Gary Walker, WBGO music director

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