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Cyrille Aimée: Let's Get Lost

Cyrille Aimée sitting by a window

When she sings, she smiles.  With her eyes.  With her voice.  With her accent.  

French father, and she sings in French.  Dominican mother, and she sings in Spanish. 

Cyrille Aimee also sings in…Jazz.  


She was a finalist in the Monk Institute competition.

She was a winner of the Montreux jazzfest competition.

She was a winner of the first NJPAC Sarah Vaughan competition.

And a judge of last year’s Sassy showdown.


Also, when she sings, she dances.  Actually, when she dances, she wiggles.  Enchantingly. 

And even her impossibly curly hair smiles.


She can act too.

When she came on stage in “A Bed and A Chair: A New York Love Affair” — a pastiche of Stephen Sondheim songs with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, with Wynton Marsalis et al the arrangers and playing on stage at the City Center — a star was born. 

Poise and presence. 

Chops and charms.

Same when she sang in a 59E59 show about the legendary nightclub Café Society. 

Cyrille’s artistry is (if a smart producer can see) Broadway-worthy.

That the shows were not recorded was an absurd shame. 


Now at least, and delightfully, she’s recorded a new album for Mack Avenue.  Let’s Get Lost …

Her band is, as on her last album, It’s a Good Day, like Cyrille herself.

Gypsy-like.  Musette-like.   Worldly.  Sweet.  Always and all ways swinging.

She sings one of Sondheim’s clever puzzles about love, or maybe not love.  “Live Alone and Like It.”

A song in Spanish about stars and sprites.

A song in French that translates “You’re beautiful, you know.” 

She sings some of her own songs. 

One appeals to a sweetheart to not go, to stay if only “Nine Minutes More.”

Another realizes that love gets better “Each Day.”

Even the standards she sings like no singer before.

Haunted by “That Old Feeling.” 

Surprisingly effervescent about a “Lull” in her life.

And she scats “Laverne Walk” as if the composer, Oscar Pettiford, walking the bop.

Cyrille also scats on the title song, the Chet Baker what-the-hell “Let’s Get Lost.”


Cyrille Aimee … elle est vraiment mervelleux …


- Michael Bourne, Host of Afternoon Jazz and Singers Unlimited on WBGO


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