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Glenn Wilson: "Timely"

glenn wilson timely CD

Spontaneous interplay and invention are what it's all about on baritone saxophonist Glenn Wilson's new CD Timely.

The live album was captured over two nights at the Havana Nights Jazz Club in Virginia Beach, with trumpeter John D'Earth, pianist John Toomey, bassist Jimmy Masters and drummer Tony Martucci.

 "Recording live isn't something to be entered into lightly," says Wilson. "The best jazz is LIVE jazz!"

Fortunately, Wilson and his fellow travelers are up to the task. Together they interpret compositions by Wayne Shorter, Bob Belden, Larry Willis, Bob Dorough and Pepper Adams, as well as originals, such as the title track.

As educator, author and jazz historian Bill Kirchner exclaims,"The spirit of Donald Byrd, Thad Jones and Pepper Adams is alive and well! They channel the 1960s into the 21st Century."

Wilson describes the approach he shares with John D'Earth in the solo sections of these songs as "improvised compositions." 

"John and I have such a great rapport that when we improvise together, compositions are created that have never been heard before and will never be heard again," he says. 
That journey to the unknown is what makes the music so fresh, and reflects the go-for-broke spirit of the entire recording.
Timely is a welcome addition to Wilson's storied career, which over five decades has seen him with Buddy Rich, Lionel Hampton, Machito, and Tito Puente. He also performs with his groups The Jazzmaniacs and TromBari, featuring trombonist Jim Pugh.
The album comes out February 24th on Cadence Records.
   Gary Walker, WBGO music director

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