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Marc Cary: For the Love of Abbey

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Next week, pianist Marc Cary releases For the Love of Abbey, a solo recording of composer Abbey Lincoln's music.  Cary was Ms. Lincoln's accompanist for twelve years, and he has an intimate connection to her music. 

"I learned all of these songs directly from Abbey playing the piano," Cary says on an upcoming episode of WBGO's The Checkout.  "I used to visit her as she was writing. I would just sit there and watch her play the piano.  She had a certain way that she would voice things.  As a pianist, I had to deprogram myself to relate to that sound.  I realized that's how she heard the music.  So I figured out a way to accommodate that sound and still embellish as a pianist would - where it was needed.  I think my approach to learning her songs has helped internalize them in me and gave me the ability to express them the way I feel them."

Hear Marc Cary and singer Pyeng Threadgill perform Abbey Lincoln's music on The Checkout June 11th.  That's the official release date of his solo effort, For the Love of Abbey, on Motema Records.  Listen to the recording below.

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