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Michael Dease: All These Hands

Michael Dease album cover

Think of it as a VERY hip travelog. Trombonist Michael Dease's intention on his new "All These Hands" release let's us feelCLOSELY how jazz travelled through our country; from New Orleans, heard through Michael's "Creole Country"; "Delta City Crossroads", which smolders like it should - trombone growlin' with trumpeter Etienne Charles howlin' and guitarist Randy Napolean securing the down home feel.

"Good & Terrible", an original Michael uses a phrase inspired by the grandest of musical ambassadors, Dizzy Gillespie, to convey a spirit for sure, but use it to draw attention to where this music comes from. Some outstanding trumpet here from Etienne Charles.

You get the picture. you'll see it took as Dease's originality, surrounded by world classers including pianist Renee Rosnes, bassists Gerald Cannon, Rufus Reid and Rodney Whitaker, Steve Wilson on flute, alto & tenor, guitarist Randy Napolean and tenor saxophonists Dan Pratt and Diego Rivera.

Michael Dease grew up in the Deep South, which in itself comes with a highly developed sense of Roots. Listen as he and skilled friends stop through Chicago, Detroit, Philly, a Memphis BBQ & Fish Fry to Brooklyn, New York's BOLDEST Borough, as Michael declares, and shares a musical taste and cultural place of each locale.

A hip travelog. Like nothin' you'll find at Travelocity. Michael Dease's "All These Hands" comes out January 6 on the Posi-tone label.

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