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Rebirth Brass Band: Move Your Body

Rebirth Brass Band's Move Your Body

Brass bands have been popular pretty much since there've been enough trumpets, trombones, and tubas to go around.  Add some drums and you can march.  And no bands have marched around the world like New Orleans brass bands.   

One of the best, the Rebirth Brass Band, is celebrating 30 years of marching, romping, stomping, and all-around grooving. Have a listen to their newest album and, as the title insists, you will Move Your Body.
New Orleans brass bands famously march to and from the cemetery — mournfully to, joyfully from — and the album opens with a traditional spiritual, a very spirited "Lord, Lord, Lord, You've Sure Been Good To Me."  
Rebirth is especially known for energizing the classic sound of New Orleans jazz into a Big Easy gumbo of r&B, funk, soul — any and all grooves with hot sauce aplenty.
There's an infusion of hip-hop here, doo-wop there.   A touch of reggae highlights "On My Way," including a guest solo from Trombone Shorty.  
And then there's the rebirth in brass of the Loggins and Messina mega-hit from the early 1970s, "Your Mama Don't Dance (and Your Daddy Don't Rock and Roll)."  
Mama and Daddy back then now have grandchildren - and they'll all be dancing to the Rebirth Brass Band.
   - Michael Bourne, host of the WBGO Blues Hour and Singers Unlimited 
Audio for this album is no longer available. To preview and purchase, visit iTunes or Amazon.

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