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René Marie: Sound Of Red

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In every generation. artists come along who excite us.  We can hear their musical DNA, and we can hear something else, something new, unique, innovative.

In the years of this millennium, some extraordinary singers have come along.  We can hear in them Ella or Sarah or Nat or Billie, and some of them we already know by one name.  Cat.  Cyrille.  Gregory.  Cecile.

"Sound of Red" is a new album from ... Rene.

When she recorded at the Jazz Standard and she criss-crossed the Leonard Cohen song "Suzanne" with Ravel's "Bolero," Rene Marie became a sensation on WBGO.  "Bolero/Suzanne," a vocal of more than ten minutes, too long for radio -- unless it's a classic -- became a hit played by all the jocks on WBGO.

"Sound of Red," her new album on Motema, offers all of her uniqueness as a singer, all of her thoughtfulness as a songwriter, all of her charms and her chops.  "Sound of Red" is Rene's most individual album.  And her best.

She's written all the songs.  About her life.  About everyone's life.  "Once you learn that happiness is not a competition," she sings, "your fears will disappear and your heart will burst out in song."

Smart songs.  Romantic songs.  "The earth shook beneath me," she sings about love at first sight, and "every cliche you could imagine happened."

She sings about traveling.  And about hearing the "Joy of Jazz" in South Africa.  "It's in the air," she sings.  "It's everywhere," she sings. 

Rene's melodies dance.  Her voice sounds so cool and so deeply touching.  "May you live -- I mean really live -- all the days of your life," she sings at the last, in a song called (and overflowing with) "Blessings."

"Sound of Red," the beautiful (and swinging) new album of Rene Marie, is playing now only here on WBGO.org.


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