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Roseanna Vitro: Clarity

singer roseanna vitro

Singer Roseanna Vitro has the gift of bringing popular, or not so obvious tunes, into the jazz celebration, with no limitations; a world developed early growing up in Arkansas in a family of gospel shouters who also dug opera and Frank Sinatra.

She's sung alongside Kenny Barron, Oscar Peterson and Lionel Hampton. Vitro has recorded live at the Kennedy Center, and she's recorded fabulous tributes to Ray Charles, Bill Evans and Randy Newman, for which she was nominated for a Grammy.

Simply said, when Roseanna goes into the studio to share her creative intent with an ever growing audience, it's always something eagerly anticipated.

In one week Roseanna Vitro releases Clarity, a tribute to the wondrous world of pianist, composer and arranger Clare Fischer, whose fascination with bossa nova, Afro-Caribbean music and swing deserves another rich listen.

With a voice obviously comfortable with her chosen surroundings, here she shares arranging with pianist Mark Soskin, along with bassist Dean Johnson, drummer Tim Horner, violinist Sara Caswell, percussionist Mino Cinelu and Clare Fischer's son, Brent Fischer, on vibes.

You'll hear Roseanna 's vocal synergy give new life to Fischer classics like "Morning" and "Pensativa" and "Sleep My Child," which Fischer wrote for his son, all delivered by Vitro's limitless vocal choices and her musical partners with the highest respect for their subject.

A total familiarity with Fischer's feel allowed for new lyrics on "Love"s Path (Love's Walk)" and "Take Your Breath And Sing (O Canto)," written with husband Paul Wickliffe, who produced the recording.

Michael Bourne, our host of "Singers Unlimited" on WBGO, said it right:

"Roseanna's voice is better than ever, more personal, more her, like no one else can be. She's singing tunes we mostly haven't heard before, but makes them so familiar. Clarity...you'll want to listen to it all again."

Clarity comes out September 30th from Random Act Records. Roseanna Vitro celebrates her new recording with a performance at Joe's Pub in New York on September 26th.

   - Gary Walker, WBGO music director

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