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The Fred Hersch Trio: Sunday Night At The Vanguard

The Fred Hersch Trio: Sunday Night At The Vanguard

The palette of pianist Fred Hersch is so vast one might find it difficult to understand an output that shares coma dreams, sets to music the poems of Walt Whitman, salutes Bill Evans, creates a pocket orchestra or celebrates Thelonious Monk, creates with as much inspiration and spontaneity a casual "Sunday Night at the Vanguard".

This is Fred's second recording from the world's most famous jazz joint. The first won him France's top jazz honor, the Grand Prix du Disque, so serious interest here is already thick.

From Monk to McCartney, Richard Rodgers and a gorgeous treatment of Jimmy Rowles' "The Peacocks" move the night to a special place alongside a handful of Fred's lyrical way of telling his own stories.

In the notes for this new one, Fred refers to the Vanguard as "the Carnegie Hall of jazz clubs", a reverence and spirit Hersch, bassist John Hebert and drummerEric McPherson make full use of through the night.

"Sunday Night at the Vanguard" from the Fred Hersch Trio comes out from Palmetto Records on August 12.  Fred & the trio celebrate the new release for a week of performances at the Village Vanguard starting Tuesday, August 16.


- Gary Walker / Morning Jazz

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