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The Stryker/Slagle Band: Routes

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Guitarist Dave Stryker & saxophonist / flutist Steve Slagle first met when Dave auditioned for Brother Jack McDuff’s band that Slagle was already a part of.

Over the years, they would perform on each other’s projects, just jam and along the way create the Stryker / Slagle Band, anchored by countless performances and recording dates to document their collective spirit.

What you have here are some old friends, and new, forming the expanded band on “Routes”. You’ll hear an octet, sextet, quintet, and one track with the feel of the original quartet.

For the record date, the co-leaders were joined by pianist & fender rhodes scholar Bill O’Connell, Billy Drewes on tenor sax and bass clarinet, John Clark French horn, Clark Gayton trombone & tuba, bassist Gerald Cannon and drummer McClenty Hunter.

The inspiration draws on both musical routes and roots, from Slagle’s touching evocation of Los Angeles on “City of Angels”, Stryker’s haunting tribute to his Midwestern roots with “Great Plains”, “Ft. Greene Scene, writtewn by Slagle, a hard-driver reflective of his early days in Brooklyn where many, including Stryker, would come to jam. There’s even some Mingus, “Self-Portrait in Three Colors” and “Lickety Split Louinge”, Stryker’s up tempo shuffle dedicated to the Harlem club where the Mcduff audition took place.

Stryker / Slagle “Routes” smolder, stomp, quietly reflect and encounter joyously the 4 horn charts devised by Slagle. It’s an edgy, funky, soulful, angular yet straight ahead expression of some pretty hip music, start to finish, which is how you should approach this one.

Routes comes out January 15th from Strikezone records.

  - Gary Walker, WBGO music director



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