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The Ted Nash Big Band: Chakra

cover art of The Ted Nash Big Band's CD CHAKRA

Ted Nash is the orchestra. He’s the scion of large ensemble rootstock, a dutiful section player since his teenage years with Quincy Jones and Lionel Hampton.  Add Gerry Mulligan’s Big Band to that list.  Don’t forget his decade with Mel Lewis. 

Ted Nash continues to sit in the sax section of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, playing all manner of woodwind instruments with total command, fluency and character.

Nash also composes for the orchestra. His commissioned suite, Portrait in Seven Shades, put folks on notice that he was a major writing talent for large ensemble. He had been hiding in the front row the whole time.

Chakra, a new work for big band, releases September 17th.  Ted Nash mines another cycle of seven songs to form a comprehensive statement. He pursues some basic elements - Earth, Water, Fire and Air – then moves higher up the metaphysical ladder to Ether, Light and Cosmos. Nash conducts and plays both alto sax and alto flute, and he has stacked the band with top-notch players like Tim Hagans, Anat Cohen and Charles Pillow.

Ted Nash takes a path to enlightenment with Chakra, and he delivers a beautiful work.   If all music is sacred, then maybe this is what spirituality sounds like when it’s conveyed section by section.

       - Josh Jackson, WBGO VP of content

The band will celebrate the CD's release at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola in New York City October 31st through November 3rd.

PS: If you’re wondering about the cover, that’s another great story:

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