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Trio Da Paz: 30

Trio Da Paz, Latin Jazz, Jazz, 30

The number 30 vibrates to a creative energy that represents many things, such as dedication to one particular task, or calling. At age 30 a person is considered to have reached both physical and mental maturity.  It is also a time in life when one should be able to reflect upon ones’ successes and achievements and to express oneself with joy and optimism. This, carefully chosen title of Trio Da Paz, their seventh release and first on ZOHO label, illustrates that, “age is like a fine wine, it gets better over time”.

Trio Da Paz (English translation, Peace Trio) is comprised of Brazilian’s, drummer/percussionist, Duduka Da Fonseca, bassist, Nilson Matta and guitarist, Romero Lubambo. No only are they in demand session players, they are composers. Of the ten selections, with the exception of Baden Powell’s, “Samba Triste”, all are originals and several have been previously recorded. From the first song, “Samba 67” to the last, “LVM/Direto Ao Assunto”, both written by, Nilson Matta, we are taken on a musical journey. It is almost impossible to listen to Trio Da Paz-30 and not move. Upon hearing Romero Lubambo’s “Donato”, a tribute to pianist, Joao Donato, and Baden Powell’s, “Samba Triste”, I had to resist the urge to get up and dance. Even the ballads, like, “Flying over Rio” (Duduka Da Fonseca) evoke a sense of calm and nostalgia, yet moving.

[taken from liner notes]:

Nilson: “After 30 years together, we still bring the same energy, emotion and happiness whether we’re stepping onstage or into a recording session”.

Romero: “To play as [a group] is a unique experience because the music always transcends notes, chords, tempos as anything written…”

Duduka: “When we play, we’re very organic and spontaneous. Even to songs we perform often, we like to take a fresh approach…”.

Nilson, Duduka and Romero, are three of the finest musicians alive today who continue to bridge the musical worlds of two America’s.  Having known and loved them since 1998, their offstage interplay equals what we hear onstage and is FUN! Looking forward to the next three decades. In the meantime, check out this recording, you will be happy that you did. Thirty never sounded so good!


Sheila Anderson, “Queen of Hang”, host of Weekend Jazz After Hours

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